Shriram car insurance benefits

Shriram car insurance is a private company in India under the management of Shriram Group. It offers comprehensive car insurance policies for different levels of risk and coverage for cars, two-wheelers, trucks, and buses.

It was incorporated on November 26th, 1995 by Shriram Group chairman P.S. Gopalakrishnan with its headquarters in Mumbai and has since expanded to over 100 other cities across India. Shriram car insurance provides its customers with a quick response time to complete loss claim settlements fast while providing them with the utmost customer satisfaction 

About Shriram car insurance

Shriram has pioneered the development of the Indian market for car insurance. The group’s car insurance segment has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. It has already emerged as one of the top three providers in its field and is poised to attain another leadership position in the future. Shriram car insurance provides comprehensive protection to both new and second-hand cars. The car insurance policy covers third-party liability and optionally includes comprehensive protection and fire & allied perils protection. Shriram car insurance products are tailored specifically to the Indian customer’s needs through a dedicated sales force comprised of several representatives who offer expertise in personal attention and advice, as well as walk-in facilities at its branch offices.

Benefits of this car insurance

Car insurance offers increased protection over third-party liability. When you have comprehensive car insurance, you increase your chances of receiving maximum compensation in the event of a road mishap. Fire & allied perils protection: your car is covered against fire, burglary, and riot. With Shriram car insurance, you can be insure against natural disasters and theft. Optional single property cover: in case of a mishap, you will be cover for the loss or damage to property other than your car. Third-party liability coverage up to ₹20 Lacs: third party liability coverage of up to ₹20 Lacs includes compensation for injured passengers in addition to the driver. Comprehensiveness: car insurance covers all risks except liquor/drugs/dangerous driving. Comprehensive protection in case of natural calamities like lightning and floods.

How to get this car insurance?

You can visit the Shriram car Insurance website for more information on how to get this insurance.

Shriram group’s philosophy is to build a secure future for its customers. The group has been at the forefront in developing innovative business models and skillfully adapting them to suit an ever-changing business environment. It has constantly striven to leverage emerging opportunities and deliver superior value that exceeds the expectations of its customers.

Shriram car insurance is the latest venture of Shriram Group in the insurance sector. The company has pioneered many firsts in the Indian insurance industry. It was one of the first in the private sector to launch a comprehensive motor third-party liability cover for cars, two-wheelers, and trucks. It also offers similar products for buses and three-wheelers.

Shriram Car Insurance has made an elaborate study of customer needs before launching its comprehensive offer for all types of vehicles. These covers have been design to provide comprehensive protection to both new and second-hand cars.

Comprehensive protection with car Insurance

For the first time, the company has introduced a comprehensive policy for vehicles, a subsidiary of event-based cover. The vehicle policy covers damage to property caused by fire and theft of your car.

Any time you decide to change insurance companies looks no further than Shriram car Insurance. After conducting a detailed study of customer needs have developed this comprehensive coverage policy. Which provides complete protection to both new and second-hand cars.

how to claim their car insurance

Usually, the claim for any insurance claim is based on the condition of the car at the time of the accident. However, in case of an untoward incident that results in damage to your vehicle. You require some assistance from Shriram Group. You need to make a claim for your car insurance immediately after an untoward incident.

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