What is Guaranteed rate insurance?

Guaranteed rate insurance

Guaranteed rate insurance is becoming a popular choice for consumers. This type of insurance offers investors an opportunity to purchase an insurance policy where the company guarantees to pay the claim amount, no matter what. In short, if you invest in guaranteed rate insurance and then make a claim, the company will compensate you with … Read more

Know about Spell insurance

Spell insurance

Spell insurance is a safety net for when you’re besieged by the temptation to cast spells or curse people for what you see as sheer spite. Spell insurance is a loose term, used to describe any type of spell that does not target anyone in particular, but typically means some form of protective or banishing … Read more

What is Twisting Insurance?

Twisting Insurance

Twisting is a word that usually refers to manipulating or contorting something in an unnatural way so it’s no longer how it was originally shaped. In the insurance world, “twisting” refers to policy misrepresentation. The term comes from the idea of twisting, bending, or manipulating something in a way that yields a different result than … Read more

Parachute insurance: Pros and con of this insurance

Parachute insurance

Parachute insurance (also known as personal accident insurance) is an extension of traditional life insurance that offers a sum of money to beneficiaries when the insured dies due to a non-medical reason. This article will go through parachute benefits, how it works, who should get it, and other factors to take into account. An example … Read more

Big Lou insurance

Big Lou insurance

Big Lou insurance is a company that specializes in anything to do with insurance. With 75 years of experience, they are one of the largest companies in their industry. They have recently begun using cryptocurrency as a way to make their company more accessible and secure while also giving customers the opportunity to invest in … Read more

Continental American insurance company

Continental American insurance company

Continental American insurance company is the world’s largest insurance and financial services company, with operations in over 130 countries. Continental American Insurance Group has been ranked as Fortune‚Äôs #1 most admired company in the U.S., with a reputation for superior customer service and industry-leading innovations to protect customers and businesses worldwide. With its highly diversified … Read more