Pawp pet insurance

Pawp pet insurance is a relatively new type of pet insurance that is growing in popularity.

For many people, the idea of being without their pet is unimaginable. A pet can bring us so much happiness and can become part of our family. It’s hard to imagine life without them, but things happen and they are an integral part of our lives. Disasters happen – from car accidents to house fires to brushes with wildlife.

What is Pawp pet insurance?

Pawp pet insurance is a type of insurance that caters specifically to cats, dogs, and other pets. Pawp insurance has some unique features to it. The main difference is that instead of depending on the value of your animal for the whole policy, you’ll be paying a premium for each animal you insure.

One of the biggest perks of Pawp insurance is that there is no claims limit. That means, that if you don’t reach the maximum allowed claim, you don’t have to pay anything extra. Most pet insurance companies only allow one claim per year, so people often put off first aid care and vet visits until the animal gets sicker and sicker.

If you have a chronic condition in your pet like allergies or diabetes, you may want to consider Pawp’s pet insurance as well. You will not be penalized for pre-existing conditions – unlike human insurance.

And because Pawp is an online pet insurance company, you can get a quote and sign up for your policy in mere minutes. Pawp covers approximately 15,000 vets and more than 120 hospitals across North America, so coverage shouldn’t be an issue.

There are two different ways to go with your policy – either pay as you go or choose a monthly plan. If you opt for the monthly plan, you will receive a significant discount.

Does it cover everything?

The Pawp pet insurance policy will cover anything your animal can do, but there are some things the policy won’t cover. For example, if your pet is too young to have been in an accident, you’ll have to pay the full cost of their accident. If your pet is too young to be fully insured they will not receive any financial support from the Pawp policy. Also, no claims can be made on a cash value death benefit until the animal reaches their seventh birthday. Finally, no claims can be made about any pregnancy-related complications or birth defects.

What is covered?

No matter which plans you choose, both provide coverage for general treatments in your pet that are not considered a pre-existing condition. In addition to general treatments, Pawp can also provide the option for what they call “concierge” care. Concierge care is for any non-routine treatment that may be a specialty in nature or has a low probability of success.

Pawp pet insurance

If you have a pet with an illness that requires follow-up, supply of medicine, or incurs significant costs after treatment, the Pawp insurance will cover those costs. For example, if your pet has an eye injury and needs new lenses to see properly again – they’ll cover that.

How much does Pawp insurance cost?

Premiums for Pawp pet insurance start from just $25 a year. Coverage ranges between $20 and $500, depending on the age and breed of your pets. You can also choose to include a Pet Plan Plus feature with your policy which will provide coverage outside of the limits of the policy.

Pawp insurance is a very affordable option, especially when you consider what could happen if an accident should occur in the future.

Benefits of this insurance

The major benefits of Pawp pet insurance are

1. No claims limit

You will only get to claim for your pet if the limit for that particular plan has been reached. If it hasn’t, then you will not pay anything extra.

Many pet insurance companies have a one-time maximum per animal or year. With Pawp, you’re covered forever, so there is no need to worry about how much coverage your animals should have in order to be eligible for a claims payout.

2. Coverage is there as soon as you need it.

If your dog or cat should get hurt in an accident, they will immediately be covered by the insurance policy. You do not need to wait for a payout to arrive in the mail – you will have coverage right away and can start getting the help they need.

3. There are no breed restrictions.

Although breed restrictions do not exist in pet insurance, they often exist when you take out a human life insurance policy. Because Pawp is a pet insurance company, your animal will be eligible for coverage no matter the breed that they are.

4. Claims are made incredibly simple.

You don’t need to read through a difficult insurance policy or fill out extensive paperwork. Everything is done online and you can have your Pawp pet insurance policy in place in just moments.

5. It’s affordable and easy to understand.

There are many different pet insurance companies that offer coverage, but most of them are not very easy to understand and the policies themselves are written in English, even though they may be based in Canada. With Pawp pet insurance, everything is done online, so you’ll be getting a clear understanding of what the policy provides.

6. There is no deductible to pay.

The major downside of most pet insurance is that a small deductible must be paid before the policy starts covering anything. With Pawp, there are no deductibles – you will receive your claim payment immediately after service has been performed on your animal.

7. You can choose from two different plans.

There are two different plans you can choose from and they both provide you with incredible coverage. Plan A is a traditional policy and Plan B is more of a concierge care policy, so the choice is up to you.

8. Coverage is available right away.

Pawp pet insurance policy will cover your pets no matter what their age, size, or breed. As long as they have been properly vaccinated. Visit your pet once every six months and over the age of four months old.

9. There are no deductibles.

Unlike traditional pet insurance companies, there are no deductibles with Pawp. And you will get a payment for the care. Your pet was given immediately after completing the treatment at their vet.

10. There is never any restriction on what you can claim on the policy.

Not only does the Pawp pet insurance policy have no deductibles. But there are also no restrictions on what your pet can be covered for.

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