How Magma HDI insurance can benefit you

What is Magma HDI insurance? Magma HDI Insurance is a leading provider of high-risk professional liability insurance designed specifically to meet the needs of professional service providers. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry. They know that professionals need coverage that goes above and beyond what’s traditionally available. That’s why they created HDI. So that they help protect you from some of the worst scenarios. So you can focus on what’s important: your profession.

What makes Magma HDI Insurance different?

First, we have one of the most extensive lists of exclusions in the country. That means we don’t cover more than 70,000 perils that could potentially cause an insurance claim. These exclusions are essential things that happen every day. These aren’t covered by other insurers. but there are plenty of them—everything from floods to fires to strikes. In fact, some insurers won’t even cover pre-existing conditions or claims filed before coverage starts.

Second, we have a professional self-defense exclusion. We want to ensure you don’t face any challenges when it comes to defending your claim.

Third, we provide coverage that goes above and beyond the minimums required by state law.

Lastly, our claims service is unmatched in the industry. We have dedicated claims representatives working around the clock to serve you quickly, professionally and fairly.

How does the Magma HDI insurance work?

They take care of the payment of your long-term nursing needs. They cover any and all expenses incurred by you. Including the hire of a nursing home and the administration of over-the-counter medications. The Magma HDI insurance policy also covers transportation expenses necessary to move you between your home and a nursing home.

What are the benefits? 

 Benefits of the Magma HDI insurance include:

Greater security of care and peace of mind.

Your loved one will be cared for in the comfort of a nursing home. And that’s something you should be assured of. A new standardized set of nursing home standards for care has been set. Which ensures that all nursing homes are well equipped with adequate resources to provide quality care.

Financial support to help meet your care expenses.

They have a unique design in place to ensure that your loved ones are cared for well. Your loved one’s care is paramount and you can be assured that his or her needs will be met.

Peace of mind.

Your loved one’s care is of paramount importance. And the Magma HDI insurance can help you deal with such matters with ease.

How do I apply?

You can file a claim in the event that your family member needs long-term care. You will have nothing to worry about other than providing the information for your claim.

A professional nurse or doctor will help decide if your loved one is qualified to use Magma HDI insurance.

Three  Magma HDI Insurance To Protect Your Family

magma hdi insurance

The Broad Spectrum

We believe one policy covering rare and common ailments and accidents is not enough. We offer the three scenarios of life that are known to us: General, Accident, and Hospitalisation. These three policies protect you from the many challenges faced by working professionals today.

Great flexibility in the choice of hospitals

You can claim hospitalization expenses at any of these hospitals based on your individual needs.

Special long-term care benefits.

Did You Know? Magma HDI Insurance provides a special long-term care benefit not available in traditional insurance products. As part of your annual premium, you can opt to pay a one-time deductible and receive reimbursement. If you are ever hospitalized for more than 15 days, up to 30 days maximum. Get all three Magma HDI policies and protect yourself from what is not covered by other plans. Turn to us when you need us the most.

The Magma HDI Insurance: Situations You Should Know About

Mid-life Care.

Millennial youths are taking care of their elders. Because of owing to the increasing cost of living. They offer mid-life care insurance, which provides protection to people in their 30s and 40s.

Business Interruption.

In case you can’t work due to an accident or illness and lose 75% of your income. You can claim for business interruption expenses under Magma HDI. This policy comes at a low premium of Rs 2.

What is the importance of Magma HDI Insurance?

  1. They provide continuous coverage for the long-term care of your loved ones. Their policy comes with a package of features, which help you take care of your loved ones. And be there for them whenever they need you.
  2. The Magma HDI insurance policy covers the expenses of nursing aids also. So your family member can receive proper attention in a comfortable environment.

What is Magma HDI Insurance cover?

When you use this type of insurance, you put aside the worry of your loved one’s health and safety. They cover the expenses that your loved one’s body may require. While they are receiving long-term care in a nursing home. That includes medical expenses as well as transportation if required.


Magma HDI Insurance is the ideal insurance policy to help you shield yourself from setbacks in your life. If a situation arises that makes you incapable of taking care of your family. Then Magma HDI and its comprehensive coverage will help you.

Magma HDI stands for Magma Helps Dealing With It. 

They are one of the leading products in the market for providing financial support for extended care.

The Magma HDI insurance policy comes in various options, which can be tailored per your requirements with the help of a professional. Choose the policy that comes closest to your personal needs from its various features and benefits.

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