How Insurance Medical Services Is Going To Change Your Life

Medical services are expensive we all know that. But that’s going to change soon because India just introduced a new revolutionary program called Insurance Medical Services. This program will save the lives of people who otherwise would have died due to a lack of medical treatments.

This service will save lives

Over 5 million Indians die every year from not getting the treatment they deserve due to limited access to medical services. This program will save lives by covering medical treatments in case of emergencies and by providing treatment at affordable prices.

The Government will also be able to plan ahead and create a framework of ‘Insurance Medical Services’ in various government hospitals across the country so that people do not have to die because they cannot afford treatment. If our government can provide Insurance Medical Services, it will really make all the difference in our country and all those who don’t have access to medical services may finally get treatment. The introduction of this program isn’t just a step forward for India, but also for the world in general. Insurance medical services in India and the advantages they have for customers as well as for organizations that provide them.

5 best things about Insurance Medical Service:

1. Avoidance of cost shock

An insurance medical service provides total protection against financial uncertainty in the face of a sudden terminal or incurable disease. It avoids any kind of financial crisis because even if the expenditure is beyond your ability to meet.

2. Resettlement on last-paid date

Many insurance medical services keep a record of the date of your last paid medical expense. In a case where an insured person is faced with sudden illness, this will enable them to be able to access the payout much faster.

3. Full coverage for preventive measures

With certain insurance medical services, you have full coverage for life-saving and life-changing healthcare procedures like stem cell treatment, which require very advanced expertise, equipment, and special attention.

4. No Medical Examination is required

Since insurance medical services are intended to cover expenses in the event of an unavoidable sickness. There is no need for a medical examination (if any) and no break-in period before you can access the money. Instead, all you need to do is to prove that you have exhausted your possible means of coverage.

5. No Excess Charges

In some cases where you are able to apply for an insurance medical service from a private insurer, they may impose higher or different excess charges.


An insurance medical service is going to become a reality with the introduction of the Insurer Medical Service (IMS) scheme. All government hospitals will implement this scheme across the country. It will reduce the burden of patients and their parents in paying a massive sum for treatment costs.

Insurance Medical Services Scheme Will Save Lives And Improve Healthcare System In India.

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