Heritage Health Insurance Affordable For Everyone

You’ve probably seen the ads on TV and the billboards around town. “Heritage Health Insurance: Your family’s health is in good hands.” It starts when you’re an adult just trying to find the right insurance plan.

You like a good rate but the plan seems to have everything you don’t need. And when you bring your little baby home, it’s a disaster. You feel claustrophobic, tossed around by every change in coverage. So you make a change, but now your children can’t go online to see your coverage or make a claim.

You know they are covered, but you don’t know what that plan covers – or even how much it costs. They are here to help Heritage was designed by a panel of care professionals – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and health insurance experts.

Our plan is affordable. It’s easy to understand and easy to use. Parents can see their children’s care plans online right along with theirs. And all children are covered, even if they have a pre-existing condition or stay with one parent while they are in school.

Heritage Health Insurance: What It Is & Why Is It So Important To You?

Heritage Health Insurance builds your security and health into a single plan. Here’s how:

A Risk Pool

Of course, you’re healthy and your children are healthy. But what happens if one of your children gets sick? Or get in an accident? Heritage builds a risk pool into its health plan so that if God forbid, something terrible happens to one of yours, it won’t ruin the family financially.

One Plan In One Place

Heritage is a complete package. If you have a child in school, a child not in school, both children or your entire family, Heritage moves with you. Because every Heritage member gets one plan in one place.

One Plan For Two

Married couples have to have two health plans: one for each of you. Heritage has a special plan just for married couples and their children.

Our people work every day to make your health care easier, less expensive, and more secure than you could ever imagine.

Heritage Health Insurance

Role and importance of Heritage Health Insurance

Heritage is a health plan, so it’s important in a very personal way. In fact, Heritage was designed by five renowned medical professionals – doctors and nurses – and then reviewed by an independent panel of experts. Heritage is simple and easy to understand, with a special section on each child’s page that shows you the same things you see when you log onto your own account.

Benefits of  Heritage Health Insurance: 

Coverage stays with you and your children, regardless of changes in residence or school enrollment.

Our plan has more than twice as much “protection” as other plans for the same price. (Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?)

Our plan has no hidden fees or “gotchas.” Just one simple, straightforward rate, with no surprises.

You can see everything on the cost of your coverage. With a “cap,” you know exactly how much you’re paying. You can see a full list of your benefits and our network of providers.

You can find the right fit. Heritage provides our members with three levels of coverage – including a high-deductible option with its own unique set of benefits.

You can be sure that at Heritage, we put families first. We’ll help you explain your coverage to your kids and make them feel included in their care decisions.

At Heritage Health, they offer competitive pay with a yearly review to help you succeed.  They offer a comprehensive benefits package with an excellent health plan, great employee benefits and a flexible retirement plan.

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