Why SBI bike Insurance is best

When it comes to choosing the best bike insurance. You want an online provider that is in-depth and tailored to your needs. At SBI, they offer two options: Full Protection and Third Party. With SBI bike insurance you can get both of them.

what is vehicle insurance?

In India, third-party insurance is a must to drive any vehicle on the road. No matter if your car is the latest denizen of Maruti Suzuki or an old Enfield Bullet. You have to have third-party insurance. Third-party insurance covers anything that happens due to your vehicle, while you are behind your wheels. Of course, there are many riders to this policy and the one that most people tend to ignore is the third-party liability.

This policy is a very lucrative one especially when you think of the high premium rates normally associated with third-party cover. What this means is that the amount of coverage you have can increase your risks. When something serious happens, you risk going bankrupt because of your misfortunes. The only way to avoid bankruptcy is by availing of third-party liability Insurance. It will also provide an opportunity to save on premiums by opting for a smaller amount of insurance cover.

SBI Insurance

Sbi is the biggest bank in India, with the most number of branches, customers, and deals. It has a long history in India, started by the Scindia family in 1892 and fully acquired by the Government of India in 1955. The bank is one of the first to give home loans, addressing a big gap between saving and borrowing. From savings accounts to credit cards and investment services, SBI has it all.

Types of SBI insurance

SBI General Insurance is the insurance arm of the State Bank of India (SBI). SBI General Insurance has emerged as a preferred choice for people seeking tailor-made insurance solutions. The company offers products like Home Insurance, Motor Insurance, Two Wheeler Insurance, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, etc. At present, SBI General Insurance has a wide network of 4500+ distribution channels across the country through which thousands of policies are sold every day.

At SBI General Insurance the core objective to offer customized products and services to its customers is achieved through its wide distribution network along with 800+ branches/offices that act as liaisons between customers and the company.

SBI bike Insurance

Bike Insurance is one of the products offered by SBI General Insurance Company. Bike Insurance from SBI provides protection for your vehicle against damage and loss caused by accidents. It also covers third-party liabilities arising due to the accidents that your vehicle may have caused. The premium for this product is a bit higher than one can expect, but it serves its purpose well, given how much is covered under this plan.

Different types of SBI vehicle insurance

There are two types of bike insurance from SBI i.e. Full Protection and Third Party.

Full Protection

Similar to other policies, Full protection is meant for individuals and covers both the vehicle and its contents. This is the most expensive plan which will cost you more than any other insurance provider in India.


The third-party provision is more about liability coverage for damages to people or property as you hit them but only if you are at fault does it apply. This plan can be used by those who have bought a new bike or ones that have been purchased on a loan but not registered with the MTO (Motor Vehicle Office).

Benefits of SBI bike insurance

While many bike insurance providers claim they have the best policy, SBI truly lives up to it. With a wide range of cover and prices, there is sure to be something for everyone when it comes to their bike insurance.

One of the most interesting benefits provided by SBI bike insurance is the accident-free guarantee which helps you claim for any damage caused by an accident. This can be useful for those who want to buy a used bike as a second-hand purchase that needs some TLC.

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