What is One Assist Mobile Insurance

One assist mobile insurance is much like any other coverage. The difference is, you can buy it when your car needs service instead of waiting until renewal time.

What is One Assist mobile insurance?

One assist mobile insurance is a fully-insured, on-demand policy that you can buy as needed. It’s designed for people who don’t get their cars serviced every year or two, but depend on them to drive where they need to go.

It meets the same state requirements of other policies and will be accepted by any repair shop within our network – so if you’re looking for coverage while your car is in the shop.

What is Insurance app?

One Assist Mobile Insurance App is free to download and available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. It allows you to view and potentially purchase a policy, find a repair shop, track your claim status and more.

The One Assist Mobile Insurance app can be used to access your policy at any time. You can view your policy, update your personal information and make payments for claims you may have submitted.

Types of mobile insurance

Basic coverage

This is the most basic claim service available. In the One Assist Mobile Insurance policy, you have unlimited personal injury protection and unlimited property damage.

Standard coverage

In a One Assist Mobile Insurance policy, you have a certain amount of personal injury protection as well as a predetermined amount of property damage included in your policy limits. You can upgrade to the next level of coverage by adding more to your insurance limits or purchasing optional benefits such as rental car coverage or a rental vehicle reimbursement program.

Internet access coverage

Under the One Assist Mobile Insurance plan, you will receive 100% reimbursement for those unexpected road side expenses caused by your mobile device’s Internet failure.

Extended coverage

One Assist Mobile Insurance plan is similar to the basic coverage. The difference is that you have 3 levels of property damage coverage. You can upgrade your policy to include more coverage or opt for optional benefits such as emergency medical, lost luggage replacement and many others, which all depend on your level of coverage.

Mobile App feature

The One Assist Insurance app allows you to do the following:

One Assist Mobile Insurance

► Get a quote or create a policy at any time and anywhere with an internet connection. All you need to do is download the free One Assist app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, follow the simple prompts and get up and running in minutes.

Make payments

One Assist Mobile Insurance is a claim-free policy, so you will not be charged by your carrier for any claims that you submit. However, if you decide to purchase optional benefits such as rental car coverage or rental vehicle reimbursement program, then you may want to pay an additional premium.

View your policy

One Assist Insurance app allows you to view the information about your policy, i.e., policy number, effective date and more.

► Add or delete vehicles to/from your policy. You can add vehicles or delete them from your One Assist Mobile Insurance policy anytime from the app.

► Manage your account and update personal contact information like email and mailing address. You can update any of this information at any time by logging into the app.

► View a list of repair shops in our network and get directions to the nearest shop with a single click on the app.

► Register your mobile devices with a single click on the app.

► Request roadside assistance service. When you have a car accident, all you need to do is to open the One Assist Mobile Insurance app and request roadside assistance service.

► Find information about One Assist Mobile Insurance on the go. The One Assist app also allows you to read insurance policy details. Including policy limits, optional benefits, renewal dates, etc. By logging into your account through the app.

► Update your credit card information or make payment for claims that may have already been filed in case of an emergency. Payments can be made instantly with a credit card for those urgent situations when you do not have cash with you at that moment.

Benefits of OneAssist mobile insurance

► You don’t have to worry about your car not being repair for days. When you can buy an emergency repair on demand right now!

► You can get the peace of mind when you know that whenever you need repairs done. Their network of professional technicians will take care of those. With more than 5,000 repair shops in our network, finding a shop easily has never been easier.

► Save money by paying only for the repairs that are need – not every year or two you drive it.

► Can get affordable and affordable insurance for every condition that your car might have.

► You can also get up to 5 different cars insured at the same time with One Assist Mobile Insurance!

One Assist is not a new company. They have been operating with an insurance partner since 2013. It was just not call “one assist” then. But now, it has grown into a fully-insured service. That you can use in the place of any other auto insurance carrier in any state.

They also offer services in India and UAE, where we are working on getting license and approve.

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