Difference between Mediclaim vs health insurance

Mediclaim vs health insurance are two types of health insurance policies and they are often confused with each other. However, the differences between them are straightforward when broken down because people generally have to choose between the two types of health insurance.

About Mediclaim vs health insurance

Detail about Mediclaim

A mediclaim policy, which is also known as medical insurance covers medical expenses in private hospitals or diagnostic centers for its beneficiaries.

Unemployed workers, people with pre-existing diseases, etc are typically not eligible for coverage under a mediclaim policy. Besides that, people who want to avail a mediclaim policy should also make sure that their healthcare provider is on the State Insurance Corporation (SIC) list. Usually, it takes about 15 days to get approval from the SIC and then after that, you need to make a payment of the premium amount to ensure the approval of your application by signing an agreement document offered by them.

Detail about health insurance

A health insurance policy covers medical expenses in public hospitals and doctors’ clinics. It also covers hospitalization expenses if you are hospitalized, accidental injuries, maternity, and childbirth expenses. In addition to that, most health insurance policies also cover dental services and optical care.

In comparison with a mediclaim policy, a health insurance policy is usually not applicable to certain people such as people who are receiving unemployment benefits. Also, people who are suffering from a pre-existing disease or have applied for asylum, etc are not eligible to avail of a health insurance policy.

Mediclaim vs health insurance

People who want to avail a health insurance policy should also make sure that their healthcare provider is on the list of approved entities under the National Health Mission (NHM). All you need to do is apply and then you will get information about your application within three working days. If your application does not get accepted by NHM, then you may check with other public insurance agencies in your state about the availability of a health insurance policy.

Which is better: health insurance or mediclaim?

Healthcare charges in India have been soaring and this has led to an increase in the number of people who are ill-equip to make the right financial decisions when it comes to health care. The rising healthcare costs also restrict access to good quality healthcare for most Indians. It is a well-known fact that hospitals are one of the most expensive places in India. And that makes health insurance a necessity for many. A lot of people are across different strata of society. Rely on private hospitals as they provide good treatment and that is where insurance policies really come into play. However, there are some limitations when it comes to making these payments. Especially if they are not cover by a policy. 

Health insurance policies in India can be divide into two types on the basis of their coverage. The first type is call an individual health plan and provides coverage for just one person. The second type of health insurance policy is call a family health plan. And provides coverage for all the eligible members of a family. While there are a number of good private hospitals in India. Public hospitals also provide treatment at subsidized rates to people who do not have any health insurance cover. Public hospitals are usually fund by the government. And they provide treatment to everyone who goes there regardless of his or her financial background. However, only some people are eligible to avail of these facilities. As they must hold valid proof of identification, citizenship, and address that matches with the demographics on their Aadhaar card.


There are a number of issues with the Mediclaim vs health insurance coverage. Including lack of coverage for pre-existing conditions and data protection issues. However, one can still get health insurance if they wish to avail of it. These policies are available at different prices and depending on certain factors like the medical expenses covered by them. The place where you reside, and your age group.

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