Homestead insurance

Homestead insurance may feel like a luxury, but in an era of potential natural disasters, it is becoming more important to own a policy you know you can trust. It’s easy to find the right policy: just take a look at our guide on how to select the best homeowners insurance for your home and personal property.

Many people think that their homes and possessions are worth enough that they do not need any insurance. With all the recent earthquakes around the world and tornadoes in the United States though, there’s no way of knowing what might happen next. Homeowners’ insurance can provide peace of mind. It can also help in the event that someone has to be taken care of after an injury or a house and/or personal property is damaged or destroyed by fire or another disaster. Americans have a habit of ignoring the need for insurance but that habit plays into the hands of companies and individuals who want to get one over on you.

What is Homestead insurance?

Homestead insurance is a complete package combining many different types of coverage. These include liability, fire and theft, personal property, and living expenses. This type of policy will pay for the cost of rebuilding your home, replacing your possessions, or paying for temporary living expenses in the event that your home is damaged, destroyed, or burglarized.

Homestead insurance policies come in several different forms to suit different needs. Most policies have limits that cover the cost of rebuilding a home, replacing personal property, and paying for temporary living expenses for as long as the policy lasts. However, some policies add coverage for earthquake damage, fire damage, and other types of natural disasters.

Policy features  In addition to covering what you need, homestead insurance can include certain features that will make it easier to use. Some companies offer telephones in their claim area during office closings or on holidays so that homeowners can call in an emergency if they cannot get to a phone. Others include services like 24-hour emergency protection and locksmith service.

Other companies provide policies that can be easily transferred to a new owner if a homeowner decides to sell a house. This is especially important for people who bought their homes before the housing bubble began to burst. Many homeowners who do not have this type of homestead insurance will find that the cost of rebuilding their homes is more than they can afford.


1. Theft insurance

If a thief steals your belongings, the cost of replacing them can be astronomical. Homestead insurance will reimburse you for some or all of those costs.

2. Earthquake damage

Many cities around the world are building codes are being passed that make it necessary to replace homes and/or rebuild them to meet modern safety standards. These codes may also require homeowners to provide floodproofing or other protection in case of a storm or natural disaster. This can add up to a massive expense. A homestead insurance policy will pay for these expenses.

3. Living expenses

The cost of rebuilding your home can be more than you can afford if it is damaged by fire or another disaster. Homestead insurance will pay for the expense of staying in a hotel, apartment, or dorm room while your home is being rebuilt.

4. Personal property insurance

The cost of replacing expensive items such as your home computer, collectible art, or a car can be prohibitive. Homestead insurance will pay for the replacement of these items.

5. Flood coverage

It is important to have flood insurance in case your home floods and you find yourself unable to live there temporarily. This type of policy also applies if you must close up your house to prevent damage from a flood and then later decide you want to live there again.

6. Living expenses in the case of illness

Some people are so ill that they have to stay in the hospital. If this is your situation and you cannot live alone, homestead insurance will cover the cost of staying in a care facility during this time.

Homestead insurance


1. Living expenses

Many homeowners’ insurance policies will pay for living expenses as well as home repair or replacement. These costs can be massive, though. A homestead policy usually caps these payments at a certain amount.

2. Lifestyle limits

Some homestead insurance policies will not pay for items like clothes, jewelry, or furniture in the event that your house is damaged and those items are stolen or destroyed.

3. Expiration

Homestead insurance policies differ in the length of time that they cover homeowners. Some policies only cover the first year, while other policies remain in effect for as long as you own your home and/or are insured against the perils that come with living on or near a body of water.

4. Living expenses

Some policies only cover living expenses and don’t pay for the rebuilding of homes.

5. Living in a mobile home

If you live in a mobile home, your homestead insurance policy may not cover you. Many people mistakenly believe that their homes and possessions are worth more than they really are and put off getting insurance. This can be dangerous, especially if the damage occurs while they are away at work or school, or because they have been warned of an impending natural disaster.

6. Home value

Some policies only cover the cost of replacing your home with the value it was at the time of purchase. This means that the amount of your insurance payment may not be enough to replace your home if its value has increased significantly since you bought it.

7. Subscribing to a higher level premium

Some companies will require customers to subscribe to a higher-level insurance policy in order for them to obtain homestead coverage.

Why choose them

1. Replacement cost

This type of homestead insurance will reimburse you for the full cost of rebuilding your house or apartment. This amount may be higher than the actual value of the house in some locations, especially if you bought your home before the housing bubble burst and are still paying for it.

2. Actual cash value

This policy will cover you in case a thief steals, damages, or destroys all or part of your possessions. The policy pays you the value that these items had immediately before they were damaged or destroyed.

3. Damage from floods

Many companies will insure you against damage from flooding. Water can come from storm drains, rivers, and creeks as well as hurricanes, typhoons, and other large storms.

4. Pays for living expenses

This type of policy will cover living expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt after a disaster. This can be paid out in one lump sum or in installments depending on the terms of your policy.

5. Personal property and valuables

This type of homestead insurance will cover your valuables, which are a big loss if they are damaged or destroyed. It may also cover living expenses while you stay in rented housing during a time when your home needs to be repaired or rebuilt.

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