Haxar insurance services pvt ltd

Haxar insurance should definitely be one of the first companies you consider hiring. When you’re looking for insurance services. They offer a variety of benefits and services that are so beneficial to any business owner or entrepreneur.

But if you’re still not convinced that they’re the right company for your organization, read on to find out all the reasons why they’re worth partnering with!

Singapore’s Leading Insurance Company – Haxar Insurance provides experts in Property & Liability insurance solutions and offers protection at a great value. From Primary Direct and Residual coverages to Business interruption coverages, we carry a broad range of products and solutions.

About haxar insurance services pvt ltd

Haxar Insurance Services Pvt. Ltd., the Singapore-based company offers its presence in both Singapore and India. They give a solution for all kinds of risks whether personal or commercial insurance-related providing protection at a great value.

The team made a strong presence in the industry by their approach to serving customers as per their needs and understanding of what they exactly want out of such services, they have achieved tremendous success in both India as well as Singapore to be trusted and known among their clients, partners, and peers with great respect & recognition.

Different Haxar Insurance

Haxar Insurance offers solutions for all kinds of risks whether personal or commercial insurance-related providing protection at a great value. The services provided by Haxar Insurance are

Haxar insurance

– General Insurance

– Life Insurance

– Health Insurance

– Fire and Marine Insurance

– Home Insurance

– Personal Accident & Travel Insurance 

Services rendered by haxar insurance:

1. Property insurance

General Property insurance provides protection against losses caused by fire, natural calamities (like cyclones, storms, and earthquakes), vandalism, riot, etc. It also covers losses arising out of malicious damage or theft of property. It also provides cover against liability arising out of the breach of a contractual obligation or other contractual liability.

2. Marine insurance

Marine Insurance protects the interests of insureds against financial loss or damage incurred on account of marine risks like loss or damage to a vessel, hull, and/or freight, total and partial losses, salvage claims, etc.

3. Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides lump-sum payments as per rules & regulations specified in the policy in case of premature death of the life assured.

4. Health Insurance

Health insurance is an arrangement under which health services for an individual and his family are provided for a fixed periodic premium paid by the insured himself to an insurer on a certain date after taking certain steps as specified in the policy documents.

5. Residual Life

Residual Life is a Life Insurance policy in which the Solicitor pays an amount to an independent Trustee who invests the premium, whereas the life assured is insured for a period of 15 years i.e. for 15 years from the date of issue for payment in case of premature death.

6. Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance provides financial protection to businesses from financial loss or damages caused by interruption (or cessation) of business resulting from natural calamities, fire, disruption to key business activities, etc. The policy may also provide for financial protection against losses arising out of lack of business during temporary suspension or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, including national crises and natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, etc.

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