Genins India insurance things you should know

Genins India insurance is one of the best insurance companies in India. They provide insurance policies to their customers according to their needs and requirements. Genins India also provides their customers with all the necessary information about their plans and coverage. They have insurance products for almost every field of life with different features according to their needs.

One of the biggest advantages that this company has is its customer support system, which provides 24/7 service and response time for the users of the company. Moreover, this company offers numerous products for various needs and there is no doubt about it that they will definitely provide whatever you want them to offer.

There are numerous benefits, but one big disadvantage is that they are not available in some regions like Mumbai and NCR.

Genins India Insurance Plans

The company offers two plans which are the standard plan and the top-up plan. The standard plan is more suitable for those people who want to start their insurance policy and who want to provide their employees with physical insurance quotes. On the other hand, top-up provides more flexibility as it provides a benefit of more than 1 lakh in premiums. There are various other benefits also such as airport cover, accident cover, and so on. The Standard plan costs Rs. 300 per month and the top-up plan costs Rs. 500 per month which is considered as a plus point because both of the plans cost more than a rupees 300, so it will be a good choice to start your policy with this company.

Their insurance charges

The company has an affordable premium and they have very good coverage. If a customer wants to start with the basic plan, then the customer will have to pay only Rs.1 for their first month. The company has tie-ups with various banks and so you can easily avail loans or EMI on your policy. You can also compare online insurance of different companies before choosing this company as it is one of the topmost insurance companies in India.

Benefits with them

Genins India insurance is one of the best companies that provide a good option to their customers. One of the biggest advantages is that they have a good customer support system, which is available round the clock. You can call their customer service team and get all your answers regarding your policy. Another benefit of this company is that they offer various benefits as per your need and as per your requirement. You can easily select the plan according to them as it will be more beneficial for you rather than choosing a plan randomly.

Genins India insurance

In addition to this, this company is well known for its many features like hospital insurance facility, etc.

Their credit card

The company also provides its customers with the Genins India Insurance credit card. The company has tie-ups with various banks and so you can easily avail of a loan or an EMI on your policy. Moreover, they provide various benefits also like accident cover, airport cover, and a lot more. You can get all your answers from their customer service team and it is available 24/7.

Genins India reviews

The company has satisfied many of its customers. Most of them have given positive reviews about the company in different forums like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Most of their customers have very good things to say about the policy services provided by them as well as their customer service team.

Their Contact Details

The customers can contact this company in various ways, there is no doubt about that. The customers can contact them either personally or by contacting them online through their website. Another way to get in touch with them would be by giving a call on their helpline number. Which is available throughout the day and night.

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