Know about Ericson insurance

Ericson insurance is a provider of home insurance, various risk management services, and protection plans. It is an independent American insurance company founded in 1887 by Charles G. Ericson with the first policy written on July 3rd, 1886.”

It is one of the best companies to go with because they have great prices and they are very knowledgeable about their customers so that’s why I recommend this.

What is Ericson insurance?

Ericson Insurance is a home insurance provider that has great coverage and that it is reasonably priced which is good for people who are trying to get insurance but not sure about the price.

What does Ericson Insurance do?

Ericson does almost everything you can think of and it has great prices too. Some of the things that Ericson Insurance does are: Home, flood, condo, mobile, renters, apartment and business insurance. 

What do customers say?

Ericson Insurance is great to use if you want to get a policy for a reasonable price. Customers say that their customer service is great and very helpful. They also know their customer as they have customer service reps that live on your block and they know the neighbor well.

Who uses Ericson Insurance?

So, most of the people who have Ericson Insurance are pretty much hard working people in a lower income bracket. They don’t really have time to throw around big bucks by purchasing some expensive policy and they don’t have time to go searching the internet trying to get the best deal on all their insurance needs.

5 reasons why all people love Ericson Insurance:

Cheap and Great Quality of Coverage.

Great Customer Service

Direct Deposit


Direct Pay

What all people love about Ericson is that they have direct pay which means that they do automatic withdrawals of your monthly policy and they do cash advances too if you are in an emergency situation where you lost your job or something happened to you and the house that could cause money problems.

Benefit of this insurance

There are a lot of benefits when you use Ericson insurance like: They have cheap prices for home, apartment and business insurance. They have great customer service that is knowledgeable about the customers on their block. They provides policy holders with direct deposit, fax, and direct pay. Last but not least they have protection plans.

Ericson Insurance

In conclusion if you want to get a good deal on home, apartment or business insurance then I recommend you try Ericson Insurance. It won’t disappoint you since it is cheap and has great quality of coverage and they even give cash advances too.

Types of Insurance

Home Insurance

Home Insurance is a type of insurance that protects you from any incidents that may damage or destroy your home. It also protects you from incidents that could damage your personal belongings inside your home in the event of theft and fire.

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is a type of plan offered by Ericson Insurance to people who live in areas which are known to flood frequently. Flooding occurs when water overflows its banks and cover large areas causing destruction to homes, cars and other property.

Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance is an insurance plan which protects condo owners from incidents like fire and theft since they have valuable possessions inside their luxury condos such as electronics, furniture, jewelry, etc.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is an insurance plan that protects the tenants of an apartment or home who rent out the unit to protect their valuable possessions like furniture, computer, stereo and other household items.

Why should you choose this Insurance? 

  1. They have great prices for their policies that are reasonable for people who don’t have lots of money to spend on expensive policies.
  2. Ericson have great customer service that is knowledgeable about the customers on their block.
  3. They provide policy holders with direct deposit, fax, and direct pay.
  4. Ericson insurance has protection plans too which means that they cover you for almost everything that you need covered for like home, condo, mobile home and business insurance.
  5. They even have cash advance for emergencies for people who are unemployed. Or who lost their job or something crazy happened. However, you could be able to get money from Ericson Insurance to cover your expenses. Until you get back on your feet again financially.

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