September 28, 2023
digit bike insurance

How digit bike insurance saves life

Digit bike insurance is a revolutionary way to insure your two-wheeler. It is the first solution of its kind in India. This bike insurance gives you complete coverage for all the risks that come with riding a motorcycle, such as accidents, theft, fire, and natural disasters.

This policy can help you reduce the burden of paying an exorbitant amount as a premium and getting your bike insured from scratch every year.

What is Digit bike insurance?

Digit bike insurance is a new concept that is currently available only for two-wheelers. Therefore, this bike insurance covers the risk that comes with riding a motorcycle. As a result, this gives you complete coverage for all the risks that might come with your bike and save you on premium.

It is not based on any one particular risk but provides comprehensive protection. The idea behind digit bike insurance is to provide a variety of affordable coverage options, which will help you reduce the burden of paying an exorbitant amount as a premium and getting your bike insured from scratch every year.

Digit Insurance policy

For every big risk (accident, fire, or theft) you will have to pay a premium of Rs. 70000. The premium covers you for the entire period of your policy. Also, this bike insurance covers all the other risks that can be incurred during riding the bike and includes:

– Theft

– Accidental loss/damage to a call letter

– Accidental damage to any part of the vehicle except for tyres and petrol tank

– Accident (including claims exceeding Rs. 500000 for bodywork)

– Damage due to falls from height (including claims exceeding Rs. 40,000)

How can you claim your Insurance?

To claim your insurance, you must submit a claim form within 3 months of the risk occurring. You will have to provide information and documents as laid down in the policy. Your policy will be valid only when you submit the claim. You can submit a claim in a format of your choice. The claims will be settled by your bank as per the policy guidelines.

digit bike insurance

What is covered in digit bike insurance?

Digit bike insurance covers all risks associated with riding a motorcycle and provides comprehensive protection for you. It does not offer any coverage for risks other than those listed here:

– Personal liability (including errors) – Third-party claims

– Third-party vehicle damage

– Loss or damage to property of third parties, animals, etc.”

– Towing charges

– Reimbursement of emergency medical expenses (including those incurred on account of an accident)

– Recovery expenses

– Loss wages

– Inconvenience charges 

– Repairing Expenses – Legal costs that you might incur in case of litigation.” 

– Accidental damage to glass panes and accessories (excluding tires and petrol tank)”.” – Any other designated risk not specifically excluded in the policy.

The terms and conditions of your policy will state the claims procedure in detail.

What is not covered in digit bike insurance

Your bike will not be insured against any loss, damage, or injury arising out of:

– Any risk not specified in the schedule as a covered risk.

– Towing charges.

– Reimbursement of emergency medical expenses that you incur while riding the bike.

– Loss of wages.

– Inconvenience charges.

This Insurance saves life

A lot of lives will be lost and ruined if digit bike insurance is not brought to India. The death rate of two-wheeler riders is the highest in Asia and India leads the chart. We need digit bike insurance more than anyone else. According to a study conducted by ICMR, India’s annual fatality rate is 2.5 times higher than the global average. Therefore, Digit bike insurance can save all those unnecessary deaths.

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