Accendo Insurance company

Accendo Insurance company is a small business that provides affordable insurance to people and businesses. They offer a variety of policies, including auto, home, business, life, and health coverage. Accendo Insurance company was founded in 2010 by lifelong friends Andrew Kaplan and Steve Isherwood who both come from an insurance background and know what it takes to get the best deal on insurance.

What is Accendo Insurance company?

Accendo Insurance company is a California-based small business that provides affordable insurance to people and businesses.

In 2010, Andrew Kaplan and Steve Isherwood started Accendo Insurance company when they were tired of the high costs of insurance coverage. The two lifelong friends had grown up in a family where insurance was a part of their lives and both had had previous experience selling insurance in college. They decided to start their own business based on their years of sales and experience selling other types of insurance policies.

A year after they started the company, it began to grow rapidly. In 2011, the company earned number one on Inc. magazine’s annual list of top insurance companies. By 2012, Accendo had sold $6 million in insurance policies. It has continued to grow at a steady pace since then and now serves customers throughout California and New York.

Accendo Insurance company did not start out as just an online business, however. The two business partners spent months going door-to-door in their area to find new clients in person. They handed out flyers and set up booths at community events. Accendo Insurance company even had a large, bright orange van that they drove around to help them reach more people. They wanted to make sure they were doing as much as possible to connect with new customers. Today, however, the business partners focus their efforts on online advertising and social media marketing.

The company offers many types of insurance policies for customers to choose from, including auto, home, business, life, and health coverage.

Is this cheaper?

Many insurance companies could write policies for the same amount of money as Accendo Insurance company does. However, these policies are typically limited to just one or two states, which limits the customer’s risk exposure. Some companies even charge a large premium for the first year, before their policy even starts. Accendo Insurance company is able to provide policies for customers in all 50 states due to its small size and flexibility.

Accendo does not charge customers a storage fee like other companies do when they have a lapse in coverage. This can be an extremely costly and stressful process for customers. Instead of forcing customers to pay a storage fee, Accendo offers them the option to use their policy anytime they are in a vehicle as long as they have current insurance coverage. This means that if a customer does lose their coverage for any reason, Accendo continues to cover the driver for even more time than many other companies do.

Accendo Insurance company is able to offer policies at such low rates because it has some of the lowest insurance rates on the market. Other companies may claim to offer lower rates, but these rates are per state and do not include other costs that Accendo is able to avoid. This means that customers can often get policies from Accendo for the same amount of money as from other companies.

The company has set up a unique payment system that allows customers to choose the number of months they want to pay for each year. This way, they can select any amount of months that fits their budget and preferred timeframe.

Benefits of this insurance

Because Accendo is an online-based company, customers can save a lot of time and money by being able to buy their insurance from the comfort of their own homes. They are also able to take advantage of the company’s online chat option for any questions or concerns. This can be extremely beneficial when customers are dealing with a new policy and have no idea how it is going to work out.

Additionally, as a small business, Accendo Insurance company has been able to stay competitive by using new technology to help customers make decisions. The online platform offers the ability to raise or lower prices on a monthly basis and also allows customers to select their own carriers. This helps to ensure that they are getting the most competitive pricing and best coverage possible.

By providing coverage across all 50 states, Accendo Insurance company has also been able to provide a lot of protection for customers. This can be extremely useful for homes and vehicles that are moved between different states. Customers have the peace of mind that their insurance will stay with them no matter where they are in the United States.

Accendo Insurance company

As a small business that is still relatively new to the market, Accendo Insurance company has been able to keep its prices low.

Types of their insurance

Accendo Insurance company offers many types of insurance policies. Customers have the ability to choose between different levels of coverage, depending on their needs and what they can afford.

These levels include:


This insurance policy is limited to only two years of coverage on all vehicles and other property. But, it does come with the best price possible.


This type of policy allows for coverage for 365 days on all property and vehicles. It also has some liability coverage included.


This type of policy is just like the standard policy, but it also includes a few additional benefits that no other type of policy from any other company does. These benefits include coverage for medical payments, auto repairs, legal fees, and loss of use.

With Accendo Insurance company, customers can also expand their coverage by adding some of the following options:


Offers coverage in the event of damage to your vehicle while it is in an accident. This type of coverage is typically included during the first year of coverage.


Provides coverage for your vehicle in the event that it is stolen or damaged by an event such as fire, etc. It also provides wind damage, etc. In addition to this coverage, it can also be included during the first year of coverage.

Uninsured Motorist

Covers the cost of repairs for damage that occurred due to an accident with another vehicle. This is extremely valuable coverage that many other companies do not include in their policies.

State Minimum

Provides coverage across all 50 states, unlike other companies that only provide this type of coverage in a single state. This can be especially useful for homes and cars that travel between different areas frequently.

Medical Payments

Covers the cost of services used for injuries and medical care. It can be included in the first year of coverage.

Legal Fees

Covers the costs that are incurred when defending oneself against damages, etc. It can be included in the first year of coverage.

Accident Forgiveness

Makes coverage in the event of an accident completely free for the first accident. This means that if there is an accident in the first year. No matter how many times an accident occurs, Accendo Insurance company won’t charge extra for it.

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